Monday, July 16, 2012

Moon Flowers at Large

Despite no rain, and then copious amounts coming in at 40mph, the moonvine (single) has flourished up some exterior piping I have growing beside the brick drive.  It honestly has like 5 inches of space to grow in.  This week saw about 6-8 of the large blooms knocked off before their time, but still each night there are a few ready to bust out.  I actually have trouble remembering to look for them because they aren't in the garden proper! Anyhow, I will consider this seed propagation attempt an unadulterated success.  I think I'm going to try growing another elsewhere in the every evening 'viewing area'.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Hate

*I Hate Summer*

Per the usual, this time of year I have nothing to say but those words above.  I spend 10 whole minutes a day outside in the garden trying to rescue things from frying to death in our porous soil, and its a total sweatbath.  The heat just sucks up everything in my brain.

I shall be back once I unfry and find myself creative again.  :) Hope you all are well.