Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Peeking in September behind the Garden Gate

Well hello there!  All is well with the world here and I think its high time to give you an update and pick my blogging back up.  It is late September and finally things are cooling off and it is lovely just being alive outside.

When I lived in the North East at this time of year, while crisp and lovely there too, it always had the specter of those gray biting winter days nipping at the edges.  Here, it's a totally different view point.  It sounds something like (in local speak) "Thank God winter is coming."  While it doesn't beat March and April here from a gardening standpoint, late September through early December is Heaven on Earth here weather-wise.  Nearly every day is a glorious day.

The garden has perked back to life a bit.  Most of the flower colors are faded and Octobery looking, with exception to the roses, most of which will flush out several times between now and December.  The little patio pot rose, Marie Pavie, is much more fragrant in the fall, easily discernible from 10 feet away.  This is the second year in a row this has occurred to me, and I have no idea why that might be.  And the greenery is all sighing in pleasure at the retreat of the summer sun.

Knockout Roses 

Out of control potato vine
Fuzzy leaf "Wandering Jew" and Holly Ferns
Elephant Ears, Impatiens and Hydrangeas

Pot Garden w/Marie Pavie
Backdoor with murderous Garden Hose who has tried to kill me on multiple occasions
It is soon to be planting time.  I have a new rose coming "Climbing Pinkie" to join my Bermuda Kathleen and Confederate Jasmine on the fence.  The jasmine btw has been insane this summer.  It was to the point where I had to trim it back twice a week.  Anyhow, back to planting time: I have learned the hard way to try and get this planting done now, first because it give plants a really good headstart in Spring, but mainly because I can still see the plants that are there currently and won't accidentally dig up and kill any of them.  I did that this year to one of my favorite coneflowers (Merlot) and I still haven't forgiven myself.

There is also a lot of work to do on the parking garden which is still in it's infant stages. Some work this fall might mean that next year I could even be able to take a picture of it without cringing.

Happy Fall!