Monday, March 29, 2010

Before But No After

It has finally happened to me.  I have had a week here or so with the blogging blues.  I can't think of anything funny, entertaining, or even intelligible to say.   I even have the planting blues.   I went to the nursery on Saturday and didn't come home with a thing.  Nothing.  And really, I still have a lot of space to put things if I find something I like. 

I did weed half the front plot of wild onions.   So there was a tiny bit of forward action, but in comparison to the previous 4 weeks, I have hit the gloom.   I didn't even have to water anything because its been raining for the past couple of days.    I can now see why bloggers ferret away a few blogs.  For just such times as these, when you can't be bothered to be the slightest bit creative and haven't even put the dishes away or put the laundry in the dryer.

What I do have are some photos of plants that are in their 'before' stage and who will have their matching 'afters' later on in the year.    These will have to suffice for today.

I have planted a couple of the Endless Summer series of hydrangeas, which I plan on taking a few pictures of along the way, as it seems that many people have varying results with these.   The first of these is a Forever Pink, here pictured, March 28th.

The second is a Blushing Bride.  It seems to be a few weeks behind the Forever Pink, which actually has some flower buds forming.

Most of these hostas, which were sent to me by accident (and therefore free), are going to live with my Mom in Virginia where they will live hopefully long and happy lives, but two are going to have to tough it out and see if it can make it through the summer sizzle.   I know I'm already going to have to move them, but I'm leaving that for some time when the blues are gone.   There is a likelihood that the after pictures of these will be melted husks, but Compost in My Shoe, who lives close, apparent has some which have lived for years, so ya never know!  They made it from bareroot to here in about 3 weeks though, so they are sure liking it right now.

This is a Persian Shield (strobilanthes dyerianus), I have two of these as well.  Right now they are about 6 inches tall and 3 inches wide.  And recovering from the part sun area which I had originally planted them in.  They looked spectacular with the blue snowstorm bacopa (sutera hybrid), but that was the only thing they had going for them as a couple.

Here's my pitiful looking Butterfly Bush (unknown varietal).   He might be in too much shade, so I could be moving him too.  All this stuff about moving is making me exhausted just typing about it.

I have three coneflower plants, and will probably add another.   "Merlot" and "Kim's Kneehigh" are looking like they are having a bit of transplant shock.

Here's the before of the carjacker, Lady Banks.  I am not worried about her. Tomorrow I am going to get the little pegs drilled into the fence so I can get 'trained' as best I can.

I have dozens more where these came from so one of these days, later this summer, I'll do the real show.   Lets end with this picture, some African bush daisy's who look pretty much perfect.  Even as a before.


  1. Don't worry about the occasional fits of blogging blahs. It happens, and it will happen when you might least expect it, in high spring/summer, because you're just so busy with the garden and you don't have time/inclination to blog. We all go through it. Your plants are looking great--only about two months ahead of mine. :-)

  2. When I have nothing to say, I simply go into the garden. Inevitably, I will fall over/drill through my hand/kill a plant/get pooped on by a bird/drop my hat in manure. Then I have something to write about.

    Just try to be less efficient and more idiotic, and the topics will flow like wine. Yes, do drunk gardening too; that's always good for a story.

  3. I do sympathize. It's a dreadful feeling. But: you got a terrific post out of it! You can always make something out of what looks like a whole lot of nothing. And then when you really, really can't, just do another one of your Wordless Wednesdays,whatever day it is. Jodi and I can't even go outside right now, except to get more wood. Unless Jodi is wackier than I think.

  4. Hey Jess, sorry to hear that you've got the gardening and blogging blues! I did pick you up something little at a garden show that might cheer you up a bit ;)

  5. Jess, it happens to us all, just wait until you feel like, it, inspiration will come!

  6. Try your Persian Shield with asparagus fern, and then some ruellia (Ruellia humilis "Blue Shade" works great). All love shade, and will do well with moist to dry soil.

    I don't blog, so I don't get the blogging blues. Sometimes I get the gardening blues, though, and you'll know when the time is right to get going again.

  7. I know what you mean...I have had moments when there is just nothing I can think of to post and times when there is so much that I don't know what to post first.
    It takes time for things to get the way we want them to look...i have learned. :)

  8. Jodi - I don't know how you do it. Reading blogs where others are out there frolicking in the dirt, and you're shoveling snow would make me want to go out stomp up and down like a 4 year old.
    IG - I see you have got a couple of good ideas.... I'm taking a bottle of sake (no cup) out to the garden first thing tomorrow. Hell with the coffee.
    Anne - Wordless Wednesdays on a Sunday..another very good idea. You and Jodi are both slightly nuts just in your geographic choices. Granted, people from the north think all the Southerns are nuts for putting up with 6 months of summer.
    Heidi - Lol.
    Kilbourne - Tuesday has come and I'm cured a bit on the gardening part. I came home with a trunk full of plants for the front garden 30 minutes ago. :) Now I just have to get my brain in gear for the rest.
    Mary - Hi there! Thanks for commenting, I'm guessing you are from around here, and please, please send any advice you have along the way to stop me from doing stupid stuff.
    Amy - If gardening is going to force me to learn anything, its going to be patient. So far its not working.

  9. aloha jess,

    try to join on of the many memes around, they may spark your interest...i have a new one this april with a quote that you can interpret into your own world, its called words that inspire and there is no timeline commitment, post when you feel like posting it and link it to my post afterwards :)

  10. Hi Jess, came here by way of my buddy Pam. Will be back to visit regularly --- I know you will find more and more to blog about. My family is joking about me putting something on the blog or facebook. This time of year where spring is popping out in great force it is hard not to take some photos and share them with your new friends on the internet.
    Just remember as you venture forth in this blogging world, many folks will want you to do an award or a specific type of posting....remember to be yourself. If you have three or three hundred followers you will know they are following you. (that is my 2 cents)

  11. You're already miles ahead of me. My garden looks like dirt and dead leaves :)

  12. Jess thank you for visiting my blog girl : )
    We all hit the wall more than once during the year .. with Canadians waiting for SPRING we all get a little ... shall I say ... LOOPY ?
    Aside from those of us that haven't been invaded by raccoons that is .. that just adds more loopiness to the mix .. Hey I love what you have for plants here girl .. I have Merlot and Kim's Kneehigh .. but guess what .. I was in a rush and planted a lot of coneflowers together and I'm not sure who is who in certain areas .. BIG SCREAM !!!!!!

  13. I feel the same way a LOT Jess. I sometimes feel like I'm 'reaching' when I post, and I'm sure that others can see through the sham lol. I think it would be easier if I posted about other things in my life besides gardening (I always have SOMETHING to complain about ;)) but i'm afraid of getting kicked off Blotanical or something lol.

    It WAS a great post though, so don't worry! :D Hostas don't really grow in SC? Hm.

  14. Hi Jess~~ I'm wondering if your Lady Banks is the white or yellow variety. I have the less-popular white one and the fragrance is just outstanding. Yours looks to be very promising, regardless of the color.

  15. Noel - I'll definitely keep it in mind if something inspires me.

    Janet - :) your advice is sound and your readership is very appreciated!

    Sylvana - well, as would be expected up there still! Once it pops it pops though.

    GJ4me - your very welcome! I can tell you that the merlots are the dark stems, the knee highs though look exactly like regular coneflowers though so you're gonna have to wait!

    Kyna - I kind of like it sometime with the bloggers I 'know' when they blog off topic. You learn a little more about them that way.
    ChickenFreak posts about all kinds of stuff and she's still on Blotanical, methinks you're safe!

    Grace - its labeled a yellow one, though these days I won't believe it till I see it. I hope it blooms this year if just a little so we can find out!