Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Gift Plant

O, I got me some free plants!   Doin' the little jig of free plant joy.  Unlike plants that I have bought or seeded, of course, I don't have much basic knowledge on these, which I can imagine can lead to danger.  I am sure none are invasive weeds, but I have a little research work to do on some of them.

Free plant #1.  Its a good thing this one is so unusual looking because even after asking twice, I couldn't remember the common name given me, and I kept wanting to call in Jacob's Ladder, even though I knew that wasn't right.  Don't you hate that, when something gets into your head that you know isn't right yet it seems to short circuit your brain from any other neural pathway?

This is Alternathera "Party Time" or Joseph's Coat.

Next up a variety of coleus, I'm not exactly sure which.
Then I have received a double red knockout rose, which is going to join my single red one.   I have quickly gone from zero roses to 3 roses.  And I'm thinking about getting one more.   Well, truthfully I just bought another one from the Antique Rose Emporium.  A Madame Alfred Carriere to climb up the side of my house out back.  Sigh.  That didn't last very long.  0-4 rose bushes in 1 month.   My house smells so ridiculously lovely though.  

Let's see, what else is in my haul: a couple of sprigs of Bridal Veil (Gibasis Geniculata).  Three achimenes bulbs started in little blue pots.  A couple of Wandering Jews, as replacements for the ones I accidentally froze to death this January.    Not so bad for trading away 6 Hostas, huh.



  1. Aha! Great find, Jess! I am not a fan of ornamental leaves, but Joseph's Coat really looks attractive! What a lovely red that rose is! Good luck with them all!

  2. Nothing like gift plants, Jess, providing they're lovely ones like these are! I have some cranesbills to share with others but they wouldn't make the trek to you very well, unfortunately. I giggled about the roses. You're not done with them yet, either.

  3. Awesome!! :D I love coleus. I think I could have a whole garden filled with it and I'd be happy. Which is weird for such a flower focused gardener such as myself...the colours are just amazing :D And I love that Joseph's Coat!

  4. Watch out Jess, it won't be long before four will become fourty! Speaking of which, I've got to cull some roses (oh dear, I've said it in print now) so surely you could do with a few more :D

  5. Um, I am doubtful it'll just be four roses come this time next year. ;) But it's wonderful to watch you succumb to their romance. That Joseph's Coat is gorgeous!

  6. All the plants are looking good. Being free makes them even better!

  7. I'm a fan of alternanthera too...Your blog is gorgeous. I was looking for pictures of your double porches...hope you have some.

  8. Chandramouli - I am not a huge fan of the ornamental leaves either, but these aren't half bad I must admit. And I saw a display of about 3 different kinds of coleus in town here recently and it was knock your socks off.
    Jodi - Thanks so much for the thought. You are a wee far away though. However, of the very few crossover plants we do share, cranesbill does just fine here!
    Kyna - I'm happy to share it.. you are close enough that a sprig would probably make it in the mail!
    Gippy - I really have to stop this trend somehow. Roses aren't exactly the smallest of plants. That said, if you were only closer I'd definitely relieve you of a few. :)
    Meredith - 4 and I'm sticking to it. I am. Definitely. I pinky swear.
    Tatyana - Free is good. I love free. Bring on the free.
    Flowergardengirl-see todays post!

  9. I love gift plants. Over half of my garden is composed of gift plants. I can never turn down a free gift plant. I'm sure I have spot somewhere it could go. Hmmm.....

  10. Great that you are into saving earth because of giving devoted time taking car of plants. :) I would also suggest you try to have Bonsai Plants. Mind you they are so eye catching. You will love them. I had some of them and they were gift plants and I want to add more. But I am trying to check out other sites. For now, I only have one favorite site. But I keep on checking for others. Do you have any suggestions? Because you are also buying plants, right?