Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Pretty Shots

Into The Garden Gate

More Coneflowers Coming

Double Knockout

The Yarrow Is Growing (a lot)


  1. Such beautiful pictures. I love blue flowers and how coneflowers look just before they open their petals completely.

  2. Hello Jess :) I do love the little blue flowers, but can't quite make out what they are (time to finally go and get my eyes checked I think!) What are they?

  3. Hi everyone. The blue flower is the moss pot in Lithadora "Grace Ward". I have it growing in dappled shade and very late evening sun. In other cooler/dryer climates its full sun though.

  4. Pretty true. Love the folded Echinacea petals. I'm very happy with my Knock Out roses, the single and the double.