Saturday, August 14, 2010

Results Of Being Lazy

This houseplant (Tradescantia Zabrina), underneath, is in an 8 inch pot.

This is a picture of laziness.   I meant to put up the hanger outside my door within the week of getting 10 or so sprigs and putting them in dirt.  I meant to do it the following week too, when I actually moved the plant outside and put it in a semi shady area which used to be my holding pen area. 

I grew up calling this plant "Wandering Jew" and I can see where the wandering tag might have come from.  Anyone around here want some?

This blushing bride hydrangea was in a gallon pot.  This is another picture of laziness.  I bought 3 hydrangeas on the same day.  Hydrangea #1 was planted within a few days.  Hydrangea #2 took me about 3 weeks to get in the ground.  This hydrangea, over to the right - nearly 2 months.   When he did get out of the pot, he had to have the majority of his roots shredded because he was so pot bound that unless he was sitting in water he would droop.  Now he has no rootsystem to speak of, and its the hottest part of the year.  Therefore he looks like crap every day for hours and he is tiny compared to everyone else.   He called social services on me twice, and has refused to bloom. 

A picture of gross negligent laziness. (really bad)  Too much sun.  I knew there was way too much sun... kept saying "must get ladder out and move that plant."  As you can see it is still there, having died of heatstroke.  No amount of watering can make a plant who hates sun tolerate a dozen 100 degree days in the sun.  I am taking his corpse down today. I promise.  As soon as I drag down that ladder.  Maybe tomorrow.


  1. Ha! My yard is the same. Today I actually did get out and weed, which I haven't done in a couple of months. You should see the pile, I don't even know what to do with it O_O

  2. I hope that my plants don't get to hear that they've got the option of calling social services...I could be in real trouble here!

  3. Sometimes, it's just best to ask for forgiveness and move on. It's been entirely too hot this summer for any container plant to tolerate, so don't blame yourself. As far as the hydrangea, he should learn to suck up his life circumstances and make the best out of it, just like everyone else. You don't owe him gave him a wonderful place in your beautiful it's his turn to suck it up and get with the program!! I'm on your side, girlfriend. Don't let these plants take're doing fine! :)

  4. That fist shot is a wonderful look right now. The second shot makes me feel really hot. The third shot can be see all over Charleston right now, so don't beat yourself up over that one, but now that it is photographed and posted, get rid of it and put a container with succulents in its place. Saw some really pretty ones at Hyam's yesterday.

  5. Dear Jess, How brave of you to confess your sins so publicly. I know that I should keep very silent on the countless examples I could cite of my own negligence. Fortunately, I[and my plants] have J, my gardener/ handyman to come to the rescue.

  6. You're not alone Jess! I've sinned similarly on occasion. I have this nasty habit of being wowed by a plant in a garden center, and buying it before I really think about where it's going to live. A few have died waiting for a permanent spot in the garden. I'm trying to be better about it, but as I type this I have no less than half a dozen 'homeless' plants sitting on my front porch!

  7. I can understand. When I was a youngster, my Dad used to ask me nearly every morning whether I'd said my prayers. It was an in joke; the prayer he referred to was: "Oh laziness, did I ever offend thee?"

    Let the summer ride, put it down as an experiment. There's always next year.

  8. Well, laziness pays, as I think your picture #1 is quite lovely! I like this idea, and so I shall celebrate it today by doing absolutely nothing, and see if anything nice comes of it. Thanks!

  9. Kyna - I have an english ivy problem and I HAVE to weed about 2 garbage bags every other week. It is awful. I guess fortunately, the ivy keeps out the other weeds???
    Heidi - freakin ungrateful plants.
    Kimberly - I am hoping he gets his act together by next year. He really is more pathetic looking than this photo lets on.
    Compost - why thanks! It sure made the holding pen area look a lot better. Though now there is no room to hold any plants in the holding pen.
    Edith Hope - Yeah I figure I better go ahead and confess stuff... it might get hard to hide after awhile.
    CVF- I have promised myself this since the beginning and I don't listen to me. It wasn't a big deal when the weather was more mild... now, its becoming a waste of money!!!
    IG- I agree..there is always next year. And I have the Oct-Dec season which will be easier to be slack during!
    Zoe - Let me know how that goes!