Thursday, December 1, 2011

Last Call

Its the December garden saying goodbye til February, giving this gardener a little break from watering and weeding and clipping, and some time to daydream and plan and get the ol' garden fantasy juices flowing so I'm totally jumping the gun come Spring, and primed for another season.

Most have died, save a few roses and the evergreens.   We are 'supposed' to have a 40ish degree night here about a week from now, so all the begonias are heading indoors for another harrowing indoor season with the cat.  The last of the roses, have set their very last buds till spring too.

Bermuda's Kathleen, Last Gasps

Who'd ya think? Unstoppable, in full shade

Marie Pavie with the Star Jasmine

Marie Pavie, the most floriferous for late Fall, beating even Knockout

Sharifa Asma, being huge as only fall can create here.

I am gorgeous, and I smell good

Sharifa Asma, barely opened one.  Baseball sized blooms in the perfect weather.


  1. i'm about to call it quits for the year, too, except that i found another bag of crocus bulbs i forgot about. but after that...i hope. i bet you still have roses at christmas, don't you? we sometimes do here.

  2. Oh definitely. Though last year it froze about 3 days before xmas and that's all she wrote. Right now I have a flower carpet crimson which due to the sudden cool temps the last few days has frozen in time, but once we get back into the 70s on Sunday and Monday it will be in full bush bloom!

  3. What a gorgeous Marie Pavie! They all look quite pretty. I don't think they're quite ready for winter yet!

  4. The real mistake is that now you put the feet up and relax, and suddenly you have a million jobs to do and it's springtime!

    Fatal, but that's the way it seems to go.

  5. Great photos of your roses. I've been enjoying some indoor time lately away from the garden. A good long break is the perfect way to get excited about the upcoming season.

  6. It's so hard to say goodbye when they're still pretty and you know the freeze is imminent.

    Re forgetting to water your Christmas cactus -- I used to do that. Mama said once, 'If it does that well without care, what would it look like if you remembered to water it once in a while?'

  7. Ohhh that Sharifa Asma is soooo beautiful - I can almost smell it form here!
    I'm almost jealous of everything going into winter mode, I can all but hear the weeds knocking on the windows here - it is such a lush Spring!

  8. I'm always on the look out for roses that can take our humidity. Yours look gorgeous! I have a Westerland that is trying so hard to bloom. Tough gal!

  9. A fabulous collection of rose blooms for so late in the season. I'm already missing spring and summer...I hope this winter is short!

  10. Beautiful! I so love your roses. Mine have been gone for months. I hope you can get your begonias in before your temperatures drop. Hopefully it won't be drastically cold. Just enough to kill all the bugs. That's what I say about the weather here. Never works though. They always come back. :)

  11. Have a good break and a good dream, the garden will be waiting for you when you return with or without bugs, probably with, as Grace says. The roses are divine.

  12. Jess, your garden has been inspiring me all year, it is so beautiful and the style of garden I aspire to have. I'd like to ask your advice on the rose that flowers in shade? Can you tell me the name? I'd like to do as you have, adding one where I have my Star Jasmine.
    Regards & enjoy your break :)

  13. Your roses look great despite the weather! I am pruning most of the buds off on mine because they rarely look good once it hits 30s at night... I can't wait to see your garden come back to life in spring, and hope your begonias survive the winter.

  14. Gode billeder.
    Smukke blomster.
    Tak for kigget.