Saturday, May 26, 2012

All The News Thats Fit To Print

In USA Today style, today's wrap up snippets of totally unrelated garden-y stuff:

1)I'd like to start out this post to let all of you know that I'm precisely 100.  2.4 or so years ago I started this blog and I have finally made it to my 100th post, c'est incroyable! Slow but steady wins the race they say.

2)The lilies are out and all is right with the world.  I had a business trip earlier this week and this is what I came home to.  Welcome indeed.  The second shot I call "flower and eyes." I also came home to no scorched to death flowers which is pretty fantastic for late May here.

3)The gardenias and the oleander are outdoing themselves this year.  Its amazing what not having a horrible drought does for the hoi polloi plantage.

4)Plumbago on my way to work.  I get to walk to work each day, the act of which I find absolutely improves my life.

5)Mystery rose, I need help.  I was on previously mentioned business trip in Northern Virginia this week and found this growing in the middle of town.  What is this?

6)I love these vitex trees, to me they look like a lilac bred with a brillo pad.

7)And just a reminder of why I hate squirrels.  I mean seriously? Wasn't the first 20 times enough to convince you that is ISN'T THERE!?

8)Our cemeteries are better than yours :) When I die I get to be surrounded by flowers planted beside me.  AND I don't even have to be in the back yard to do it! And if I want a pyramid to rest in, I can do that too.

9) Look whose back... two years ago I dug you up and moved you to my Mom's house.  Then you laid low and worked on a root system so you wouldn't flop and I wouldn't hate you so much.  And it are much better this go around. Good job, appleblossom yarrow.

10)Gratuitous salvia picture.


  1. A town in northern Virginia? Umm, could you be a bit more specific about which town in noVa you found it in? :o) BTW - you are always welcome in my town. I love your lilies. Mine are in bud and I can hardly wait til they bloom so I can smell my garden before I even see it. Your cemeteries are way better than ours. Plus, they have cooler ghosts.

  2. Happy 100th Jess :)
    Love the gratuitous salvia and the cheerful plumbago! Not quite so sure about the personal pyramid though...

  3. Firstly, you look really good for your age! Congratulations on your hundredth. Secondly, I envy both your walk to work and your cemetery, so you can feel good about that. Thirdly, the rose looks like "Dorothy Perkins" to me, but I could be wrong. And fourthly, Salvia pictures are never gratuitous.

  4. Congrats jess on the 100th lovely you get to walk to work through gardens...and I love those welcoming :)

  5. Congrats on your 100th post. And isn't it wonderful to come home to blooming lilies! My guess on the rose would be Peggy Martin, but that might just be because I have this rose on my mind, trying to figure out where to put it in my garden! :)

  6. Lovely photos! My father in law is in Charleston, well, actually in isle of Palm, but he considers himself from Charleston. We go to Seabrook Island every year and have visited Charleston a bunch of times. There's nothing quite like the gorgeous gardens there. People know how to take alittle space a pack so much punch into it. I laughed out loud at the squirrel's adventures.

  7. Congrats! You have a beautiful blog and I enjoy reading your posts. Your kitty picture is adorable.

    Sloat garden center

  8. My husband and I were in Charleston twice this winter and thought it was lovely even though nothing was blooming. I told all my readers that it must be lovely in spring. After seeing your photos...I know it is.

  9. Congratulations on your 100th post! I love the lily by the back door. Hopefully you get sweet smells everytime you go in or out.

  10. Thank you for the gardening update. Your lilies are lovely peaking from behind the gate. The salvia picture is really pretty.

  11. Congrats making 100. Lilac bred with a Brillo, that is a classic I will not forget. So funny.

  12. Wonderful, wonderful photos! I enjoyed each one of them. And we hate squirrels too! My husband made an SQL - also know as a Squirrel Launcher but found that training our dog to chase them on command really worked better. I really wanted to see a squirrel launched but so far it hasn't happened!

  13. A very nice Today-Style wrap-up. The mystery rose reminds me of 'The Fairy' but it's much, much bigger. Next time you're in that town, have a look and see if it's still blooming or if it's a once-bloomer. Then you'll know if it's a newer, hybrid rose or an old rambler. Your lilies are divine and I agree, your cemeteries are better. :)

    I laughed out loud over your squirrel comment. I guess the guy needed a lot of convincing.

  14. Hi, Jess,

    Hope you are doing well - you haven't posted in quite a while. I have a favor to ask. My boss is retiring the end of the month and when I asked what he will do with all of his time he told me that he loves working in the garden and might even study to become a master gardener. I want to get him a retirement gift with gardening in the theme. Do you have any ideas? Books, specialized tools or such. Any suggestions you could offer would be greatly appreciated!
    Try to stay cool!

    1. Hey there Suzie, I do this every year when it gets hot, just can't think of things to talk about because I don't spend much time outside! I think every single gardener I know would like a pair of felco bypass secateurs. You can never have too many of these, but they are pricey so we won't buy them for ourselves. As a matter of fact a cute bag with new gloves (we go through those a lot too), the secateurs, a few packets of climate appropriate hard to find locally heirloom seeds, and a bottle of fish emulsion liquid or some other organic fertilizer is an awesome gift. If you can find a cheapy antique watering can and stuff it all in that all the better.

      Books, it depends on what they already have. If he is newish to gardening, or just newish to gardening in the South, one of my favorite books is a simple one Easy Gardens of the South. Those are the bullet proof plants for here, and should be the base of the garden, on which all experiments can rest upon should they keel over and die.

  15. What a great blog! I stumbled on you today by looking for "red solo cups" to send as a joke to my friend, and picked your image... Then, read this about Northern VA, and that's where I live. Weird!
    If you can be more specific, I can try to find out for you. First thought is climbing roses, but then again I only have a balcony.

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