Saturday, February 13, 2010

Photo Travel Journal

I travelled a bit this year, and here are a few of the colorful, lively, planty shots. Hope you enjoy!


  1. wow, beautiful, i saw new orleans and parts of florida? what is the beautiful cave photo looking up?

  2. What wonderful photos! I needed some summer colors today. Lovely gardens and the flock of pink flamingo's are just beautiful.

  3. Thanks Noel - you've got the New Orleans right...but didn't visit Florida: will keep you guessing, its a place where Florida has taken a lot of its architectural influence from. The cave is actually a Cenote. They are found in Mexico and Guatemala. This one's about 2 hours into the Yucatan from Cancun. They have great legends and lore about them. My travel blog has a post about it! Check it out:

    Lona - I agree NEED SPRING. Though the sun is finally out. Counting down the days.

  4. A real treat for winterized eyes! I think we have had two days of sunshine this month, both of which were occurred on my work days so I couldn't enjoy them! It looks like you had some great trips. Thanks for sharing.