Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Unlikely Garden

Charleston, though an 'urban' environment since the mid 1600s, is replete with greenery, from the live oaks which form canopies over its streets to the glimpses through tall wrought iron garden gates of hidden sanctuaries. I have never been so bold as I am here trying to see over the hedges to the garden I know is just beyond!

So here is entry #1 in the Around Charleston inspiration section:

If ya gotta be dead, this isn't a bad place to do it.

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  1. Awesome!!

    Touring cemeteries is one of my favourite things to do! :) At the risk of sounding creepy lol. They can have some of the nicest gardens. There's one in Beaufort, NC that dates to 1700, and it's the coolest one I've ever been in. I've got some old pictures of it, but I'm waiting until spring to take new ones and introduce my readers to it :)

    This post has me marching over to Blotanical and faving your blog :D