Friday, March 12, 2010

Plant Spree

Last weekend was a great time to gather up annuals and a few perennials and stick them in the dirt.  Plants have finally made it to the garden centers, though they tell me they are missing quite a few things that would normally be available.  I also planted in ground or pot those seedlings I started in late January which have made it through the process and the twice weekly cat maulings.     

Here's what I brought home from the garden center, seeded myself, or planted last fall after stealing from my mom's garden:
Annuals: Alyssum "Easter Basket", Bacopa (50cents!!!) "Snowstorm Blue", Verbena "Lanai Blush White", Nemesia "Innocent Compact Pink", Cosmos, Delphinium, Torenia "Summer Wave Blue," Nastursium "Empress of India" and some sweet basil which did incredibly well, even inside.
Perennials: Yarrow "Appleblossom," Star Jasmine, Trailing Lantana, Butterfly Bush "Unknown," Sedum "Autumn Joy," Hydrangea "Forever Pink", red and purple Beebalm, Elephant Ear "Unknown Lowe's Variety," an Autumn fern and a Lavender plant I just had to have.

I also planted some agapanthas and a rose of sharon last fall but they don't look like they are returning as of yet.

So thats the scoop so far, and this weekend is planning on being just as nice out there.  Time to go back to the nurseries!


  1. I love visiting nurseries, and could easily go every day.

  2. Love your free form collage - sounds like you had fun shopping and planting. Not even a stray pansy up here yet, but we continue driving by and looking!

  3. Kilbournegrove - I love them too. Currently I am stopping by 2 nurseries (the fancy one and the big sprawling one) and lowe's on a weekly basis.

    GardeningAsylum - I don't know how all of you guys/gals up there handle March. In NYC I used to get very depressed as my entire family was out in shorts and I was still waking up to 23 degree weather and snow (and wind and walking uphill both ways to the subway). And this is probably going to sound obnoxious for the bloom starved, but pansies are winter flowers here, I've had some on the porch since November.

  4. What a lovely selection of plants! Garden nurseries are a dangerous place for me. "Oh I'm just going to look"...never quite turns out that way. Something always ends up in my car!

  5. Oh girl, you've got been bitten by the garden bug! Your acquisitions sound wonderful and what a fabulous contribution they'll make to your garden borders. Btw, my Rose of Sharon is slow to break dormancy too. Have fun.

  6. Wow, lots of lovely colour soon along with bees and butterflies! I'll enjoy virtually visiting your garden in spring and summer :)

  7. MMM, I started reading your plant list and immediately thought: POLLINATORS! Hurray for you, and grateful thanks from all the pollinators who will come to visit you.
    About Appleblossom Yarrow; not sure what your garden conditions are like, but the coloured yarrows often disappear after a year or two, especially if you don't have great drainage through winter. So if that happens, don't think it's your fault. I love yarrows, but I pretty much treat them as half-hardy annuals now; if they come back for a year or two, terrific (I have a few species that are great, but the cultivars, not so much).
    Never can have too much lavender, either. Have fun planting!

  8. I saw that they were really starting to get the plants out at Lowe's the other day. Some of them I'm not sure if they're ready to be out yet in NC. SC maybe lol. I had to restrain myself ;)

  9. Curbstone - Yes, I am trying to hold back on some things, so when the true summer flowers get out, I have room, but this is how I ended up with a lavender plant. Just looking when I went to get soil.

    Grace - This is fun. Finally. I have really be staring at a brown garden space for months and its great to see alive things out there.

    Gippy - I am so looking forward to green green green. As much as I like flowers I really like that whole green lushness.

    Jodi - Thanks for the tip. And I am sooo hoping to have butterflies. I am really very downtown so I'm not sure how many I'll get, but I've even got a swamp milkweed in the back there for the monarchs if they can find it.

    Kyna - We are in full spring mode finally. Nights in the mid 50s, even my seedlings are not looking too shabby out there (though that could be because anything is better than inside with my cat).