Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Green Beats Peacock

Entry #2 in the Around Charleston section, from Drayton Hall, late April 2009.

"Eh Randy, little bit too green over here for my liking, eh?"

"Yeah, its washing me out something fierce.  This time of year is sooo trying, I mean just look at my tailfeathers!  Bob,  you big stud-fowl (snicker), wanna plume out, make sure nobody forgets we're here?"

"No way man, attracts wayyyy too many chicks dude.    Betty Loo from next plantation over is STILL in my coop this morning.   I've really gotta lay off that fermented corn feed stash by the way...getting to be more trouble than its worth.  She is soo brown and gray all over, I can't believe I didn't notice!"

"Graingoggles, my man."


  1. Jess, Do these peacocks just hang around in Charleston? I love your imagined dialogue; I think you were channeling the thoughts of the college students who used to live in your house! -Jean

  2. What a neat picture. Boy they would drive our boys crazy. jim

  3. Hehe, Men. They're all the same :P

  4. Jean - lol the thought of peacocks roaming the streets in in gaggles is funny. All around the actual city here are the old indigo, rice, and cotton plantations, and for whatever reason (I imagine it was all the rage to have those things in the early 1800s for the rich), nearly all of them have chosen to continue to have peacocks, hence there are quite a few around the area. You will be the first to know if one comes knocking on the door though if I am mistaken about their urban leanings.

    Thanks Jim, it was just a lucky moment honestly.

    Kyna - don't we know it! Grew up with 4 brothers, I've got it down!

  5. My uncle had peacocks on his farm. The first time that my mum and I slept over we were awakened very early by a woman screaming. We rushed to my uncles room, only to find him laughing at us, it was just the peacocks!

  6. I'm with Kyna. Men are all the same. :D You might suggest that the boys meander over to Gail's at Clay and Limestone, and see if Priscilla the Peahen is still looking for a date.