Thursday, February 18, 2010

An Olympic Flower

Around Charleston, April 2009:

This little guy was shining uniquely and all on his own, head and shoulders above everyone else in this garden.    This garden bed, located on Isle of Palms, a barrier island in Charleston county, is ripped out and redone at least once a season.  It is located outside the walls of one of the Isle of Palms compounds, as I like to think of them.  10 br second homes, with seemingly nobody ever in them except for gardeners and the maids.    This particular bed is located outside a house that has two lions guarding the gates.

Despite the fact that I think its such a waste of flowers, every time I walk by it, I do anticipate seeing something beautiful and different, and it never disappoints! Now if only I could walk by when the gardener is ripping these things out!


  1. Good luck on your timing! Our garden club, while keeping our many gardens in top seasonal form or creating a re-vamp, often rips out, hoping our orphans find a new home but, alas, some go by the wayside, a shame :(

  2. Jess, It does seem such a shame for all these flowers to just get ripped out and thrown away. Is there any possibility you could chat up one of the gardeners sometime and get them to give you a heads-up when they are going to be redoing the beds? (If I were a gardener at one of these houses, I'd hate to see the plants being discarded, too.) -Jean

  3. It is a shame that you can't benefit from the tossing away of perfectly good plants!

  4. I am going to try this year to get me some free flowers, now that I have someplace to put them. Last year I was living out at the beach before I moved downtown, so I had more opportunities to scope out the place, but I'm still keeping my eyes peeled.